In order to demonstrate that they have kept their core competencies (i.e. their skills, knowledge and abilities) current, certified respiratory and tobacco educators are required to recertify every five years.

There are two ways to recertify:

Option A Submitting a Record of Activities

CAEs, CREs, CCEs and CTEs are expected to submit a record of activities that lists at least 500 hours in the following areas:

1. Teaching (asthma, COPD, respiratory and/or tobacco education experience, and
2. Learning (professional development activities.)

NB A minimum of 100 hours must be obtained in each category.


Option B – Re-taking the CAE, CRE, CCE or CTE Examination

Fees for Recertification

Option A – $250
Option B – $300



Access the Recertification Guide in CNRC's online community for certified educators here.