For education to result in behaviour change, it must be provided by highly trained educators

Who We Are

The Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC) is a non-profit organization and registered charity. Through its certified educators and member organizations, CNRC works to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families living with respiratory diseases and tobacco use disorder, by developing, promoting and advocating for the highest standards of education in health promotion and care.

Certification for Respiratory and Tobacco Educators

CNRC is the organization that certifies healthcare professionals as Certified Asthma, Respiratory and Tobacco Educators. There are currently 361 CAEs, 1367 CREs and 435 CTEs across Canada. This multidisciplinary group of educators represents a range of healthcare professionals, including: respiratory therapists, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists.

Certification for US Educators

CNRC also offers a credential for healthcare professionals in the US – the Certified COPD Educator (CCE). There are now 94 CCEs in the US.

National Conference on Respiratory Care & Education

CNRC offers a biennial conference for healthcare professionals on respiratory care and education. The focus of this conference is on asthma, COPD, allergy, smoking cessation and education.

Our next conference will be held in Montreal
November 7-9, 2019.




“Certified Asthma and Respiratory Educators (CAEs and CREs) perform a critical role in improving the lives of Canadians living with respiratory illness. Our highly professional, knowledgeable and skilled CAEs and CREs support the disease management approach: education, evaluation and reinforcement. Education takes time!”