Certified Asthma Educator (CAE)

The Certified Asthma Educator (CAE) credential recognizes healthcare professionals who provide asthma education to their clients. The CAE credential demonstrates to your clients, peers and supervisors that you have the competencies to provide comprehensive, evidence-informed care in asthma.

This credential is appropriate for those educators working in paediatrics. If healthcare professionals also see adult clients in their practice, CNRC recommends that you work to obtain the Certified Respiratory Educator credential, which also includes COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

The Certified Asthma Educator (CAE) exam tests educator proficiency in two integral aspects of asthma education:

  • up-to-date knowledge about asthma (the "what to teach"); and
  • better understanding on the part of educators about educational theory and process (the "how to teach").

National Learning Objectives (core competencies) have been established to provide a common set of technical and teaching skills, knowledge and abilities for asthma educators.

Requirements for Challenging the Certified Asthma Educator (CAE) Exam

To be eligible to write the CAE examination a candidate:

  1. must hold a degree or diploma in a recognized healthcare profession,
  2. scope of practice to include counselling clients,
  3. must have successfully completed a CNRC-approved asthma educator education program (including a health education and an asthma module), and
  4. pay the required fee to sit for the examination.