Benefits of Sponsorship

  • You will have access and exposure to a unique, multi-disciplinary group of Canadian healthcare professionals with a commitment to respiratory health.
  • This is your opportunity to support the critical role that Certified Asthma, Respiratory and Tobacco Educators (CAEs, CREs and CTEs) perform in helping Canadians manage asthma, COPD, allergies and smoking cessation.
  • You will be given complimentary exhibit space and the opportunity to place your literature in the delegate bags.
  • You will be given visual and verbal recognition in the on-site program, delegate bag and CNRC website.

Benefits of Exhibiting

  • This is the only conference that will give you exclusive access to the CAE, CRE, CCE and CTE community as well as other health professionals with an interest in respiratory care and education. This opportunity is only available every two years!
  • You will have the opportunity to include a brief write-up of your products and/or services in the on-site program.












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