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Message from the Executive Director Cheryl Connors

Certified Tobacco Educator Update

cherylAs always, it has been very busy in the CNRC office. We have been working on finalizing our tobacco education workbook, which I know we have been promising for some time now. But it is very close to completion (with the final two units being edited and designed as I write this)! We are very proud of the work that we have done on producing this workbook. Not only will it be an excellent study guide for those candidates preparing to challenge the Certified Tobacco Educator (CTE) exam, we think this will be an invaluable resource for anyone working to help their clients living with tobacco use disorder.

Upcoming CNRC Conference

November 9-11, 2017 in Calgary, Alberta

mounWe are also working hard at putting together another amazing conference. As you can see, we have confirmed Dr. Victor Strecher as our featured keynote speaker. Dr. Strecher brings us a very powerful message about working with our clients to help them identify their life’s purpose, in order to facilitate health behaviour change.

In all of my years managing and attending conferences, I have never seen such a powerful keynote speaker. At our last conference in Niagara Falls, Dr. Strecher earned a spontaneous five-minute standing ovation, with his emotional talk sending quite a few delegates reaching for a box of tissues! I have never witnessed such an overwhelming reaction. Many of you asked us to bring him back. I will say to you that Dr. Strecher’s message and practical guidance for helping your client achieve their health goals truly will change your practice (and your own lives). If you have to make a choice to attend just one conference, I always say the CNRC conference is the only conference “created by educators for educators” and it is always an amazing experience. But I guarantee that you will find the trip to Calgary to hear Dr. Strecher well worth your time. Dr. Strecher is truly that special.


Victor Strecher
Confirmed as Keynote Speaker!


We are thrilled to announce that Victor Strecher PhD
MPH will be returning to our CNRC conference as our
featured keynote speaker at this year’s conference in Calgary.
Dr. Strecher is a visionary TEDMD speaker that has focused his work on health behaviour change.


Dr. Strecher is an award-winning pioneer in the field of behavioural science, author, and professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. This year, Dr. Strecher will continue his conversation on how we can help our clients achieve their health goals by working with them to help them discover their purpose. He will share his latest ground-breaking research from his new book, “Life on Purpose”, to provide a step-by-step program for improving energy, willpower, health and long-term happiness.

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Conference Co-Chairs Announced

HEATHER DARRELimageHeather Sharpe RN PhD CRE CTE and Darrel Melvin RRT CRE CTE are this year’s Conference Co-Chairs. Heather is the Assistant Scientific Director of the Respiratory Health Strategic Clinical Network (RHSCN) at Alberta Health Services. Darrel is a program consultant with the Alberta Health Services Tobacco Reduction Program, Chronic Disease Prevention/Health Living, Population, Public and Indigenous Health at Alberta Health Services.

Heather and Darrel have already had several meetings to plan the conference and have lots of great suggestions on how to best meet the educational needs of our respiratory and tobacco educators. We always review the feedback and suggestions from our prior conference.

Are you interested in joining the planning committee? We are looking for creative people, who are passionate about education, and have energy and enthusiasm. We would also like committee members who have attended a past CNRC conference and are planning on attending this year’s conference in Calgary. Just give me a call or send me an email at